– 14, Frodsham St, CH1 3JL, Chester

Climbing and burgers come hand in hand after a hard(ish) week of work and this week is no different. Like any other Friday evening Steak ‘N Shake is the bearer of our rich and flavoursome dinner. 

Steak ‘N Shake feels like an anomaly to myself, there are a handful of different attributes that make it unique, and that’s why my friends and I like it so much. 

On this return it’s the Western BBQ N’ Bacon burger that’s caught my Burger eye and what a great choice it turned out to be. 

((Double steakburger, American cheese, bacon, diced and crispy onions, sweet ‘n smokey BBQ sauce))

With four of my very favourite ingredients on the burger, my expectations were high and it didn’t disappoint. As always the steak from Steak ‘N Shake was cooked to a level where it falls apart in your mouth, making it an effortless pleasure and with the burger being very easy to handle, there was no work involved. 

To finish off the package, the crunch of the diced and crispy onions were softened by the sweet ‘n smokey BBQ sauce, which was smothered on all corners of the steak patty. 

As a collective with the food, the service and the portion size considered, this burger receives a respectable 8.1 out of 10
Well done Steak ‘N Shake, I’ll see you next time.




– 33-35 Oxford St, Manchester M1 4WB

While holstering a sensitive palate, spicy foods can be quite daunting, so dining in the Caribbean restaurant Turtle Bay can be an exciting yet a nerve racking experience. 

Only set for a light luncheon i fixed my eyes firmly on the burgers. Being overly cautious I picked out the least spicy and left everything else ignored, which left me with the Two Way Chicken Burger – 

((Spicy panko crumbed chicken fillet, topped with pull jerk chicken, crisp gem lettuce, fresh pineapple chow & herb mayo in a sweet bun))

This looks and sounds like only something Turtle Bay could manifest, with a prominent Caribbean twist to what can normally be a mundane chicken burger.  

With flavours that felt endless and textures that caressed your lips and mouth, this burger carry’s a lot in-comparison to its size. The two different types of cooked chicken was the game changer, each chicken had a very unique flavour which i believe could stand for the reason this burger was so brilliant for its size. 

Lastly, the fresh pineapple chow was extremely spicy and in opinion unnecessary, the burger would cope very easily without it. 

An applaudable effort by Turtle Bay, this will stand in my top 5 chicken burgers eaten to date. Burger rating: 7.7 out of 10.




14 Paradise Street, Liverpool, England 

2 burgers for £12? I’ll take that any day of the week, even if it is on a Thursday evening 44 miles away. Promotion really is one of Gourmet Burger Kitchen strengths, along with astonishing burgers. 

Making sure I select a burger I’ve not eaten yet, only really leaves me with 1 or 2 to choose from. The Don held my attention on the menu showing promise with some of GBK’s classic ingredients and this quickly become my choice.

((American cheese, gorgonzola, baconnaise, rocket, onion jam, house mayo, pickled onions))

All I can give this burger is praise, everything that accompanied the juicy, medium cooked beef was in the correct proportions, spread evenly across the length of the burger leaving no room for anything else. The pickled onions, along with the gorgonzola could be argued that they are unnecessary as they come across over powering to other ingredients. Maybe that’s a personal opinion. 

In hindsight, the design could of been better thought out, the aesthetics and construction were second to none and the materials used were top notch. Typical GBK. Burger Rating: 8 out of 10. 




– The Assembly Rooms, 54 George StreetEdinburgh, EH2 2LR

Edinburgh is well known for its enriched castle, medieval town, hills and friendly people but what can be said about their burgers? 

The choice of restaurant wasn’t typically Scottish but I like to believe that all the ingredients were sourced locally, especially considering Jamie Oliver’s reputation. 

Seated very central in a large hall with high ceilings, the waiters flowed around with a certain prowess, seeing to everyone’s requests with a personal touch. My meal this evening was the Jamie’s Italian burger w/ fries.

((Prime British beef patty with pancetta, balsamic onions, artisan Westcombe Cheddar, tomato & our house special sauce in a brioche bun))

Unfortunately this burger presented far too many critical mistakes, the beef burger was cooked beautifully but the quantity was overwhelming and this was the underlying issue. All other counterparts to the beef burger fell obsolete as the beef was extremely overpowering. I can’t give a proper review on each ingredient as I truly didn’t taste them, other than the cheese, the cheese was full of flavour but was presented in a lump in the centre of the burger. Lastly, the seeded brioche bun, hard on the top, soft in the middle, with a sweet after taste – this was applaudable. 

Compared to the average burger this burger wasn’t too bad, it just wasn’t what they advertised on the menu. Average burger with great service. 

Burger rating; 5 out of 10. Thanks for having me Edinburger. 




Cheshire Oaks, Coliseum Way, Ellesmere Port.  

Christmas shopping lays hand in hand with good food, and my current intentions are to find the most delicious burger. I carried this personal quest into Bella Italia. 

Chargrilled Aberdeen Angus beef burger, gem leaves, tomato, onion & mayonnaise in a ciabatta roll. With cheese and bacon as extras. 

What Bella Italia have here is an extremely basic burger with basic ingredients, showing no respect on what even the simplest burger should taste like. The salad here was far too overwhelming, I’d say around 70% salad and we aren’t buying a burger for the salad are we. 

The beef itself was unsettling with an extreme lack of flavour, provided it is described as ‘chargrilled’ but this leaves nothing other than some overly cooked meat between some bread. This silly choice of bread was an attempt to place an Italian twist on a seemingly non Italian meal. 

As a collection the burger wasn’t anything to talk about, but the chips and BBQ sauce that accompanied were mighty fine. The BBQ sauce was sweet with a thick consistency, more of a BBQ relish but either way it was a pleasurable condiment. 

A dissatisfied burger rating of 2 out of 10. 




– Trafford Centre, Manchester 

After being absent from my beloved burger restaurant Gourmet Burger Kitchen, it was well overdue that I payed a visit. A total revamp of the burger menu took me by surprise but left me intrigued on what was to come. Honestly, it looked pretty lacklustre not holstering any gems and more importantly didn’t leave me wanting to order the whole menu. 

With great anticipation I had decided to start with ‘THE STACK’ ingredients; (Grilled chorizo, Red Leicester cheese, house onion ring, smoked chilli mayo, rocket, pickled onions, house relish). I think you’ll all agree that it sounds pretty typical of GBK?

As expected I didn’t find this burger hard to polish off, but that didn’t mean there weren’t any cons. The whole ingredient match up as a collective just didn’t blend together well, the onion ring was in a some of breadcrumb batter which is just incorrect, come on GBK. The chilli mayo, and house relish cancelled themselves out once together on this burger but the chorizo on the other hand. The chorizo was not in short supply and together with the burger and the cheese, was quite lovely. 

Overall it wasn’t GBK, it was more of Chiquito trying their hardest. And that’s still an achievement at any rate. Burger rating; a 6 out of 10




– 53 High Street, Prestatyn, North Wales 

Quietly anticipating the opening of Gingers Grill in Prestatyn, primarily as the owner declared a 20% discount for all genuine gingers when they dine in the establishment. 

First impressions of the eating environment was odd, it was like there was something missing and I still can’t quite put my finger on it. Anyway, dazzled by the extravagant and graphic menu, I managed to decide on one of many deliciously sounding burgers. ‘Burn Rubber’ – fiery beef chilli, 6oz beef burger, nachos, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, jalapeños and cheese; reading this left me bouncing with excitement in my cold and moderately comfortable dining chair. 

After a long 30minutes of constant anticipation and looking over my shoulder towards the kitchen, it arrived. I’ll forget about the inexperienced waiter bringing the wrong sides, then bringing the correct side as we were finishing the meal mainly as the restaurant is still young. Now for the burger. 

Spilling with beautifully cooked ingredients, meant it needed tidying up before fully delving in. After a few bites in, It was clear that there were alot more of one filling than another, maybe I’m just being picky but I’m allowed to be. Freshly cooked, fresh ingredients, cooked 20 feet behind me, I was content with the meal. There are some minor counterparts that need ironing out that will make the experience more enjoyable but it’s only 1 month old. 

With no limits on the amount of fillings they put in, it left you almost not wanting any more, and for the price of £5.60 for this meal, your winning ginger or not. Burger rating: 5 out of 10.