FIVE GUYS – BACON BURGER w/ pickles & grilled onions

– 5 Coliseum Way, Chester 

I could write line after line about how Britain perceive Five Guys as a higher class fast food restaurant, with the idea they are experiencing a slice of America. But with all respect, it doesn’t fill expectations. 

Five Guys hold a unique & creative experience where you can add as many selected ingredients to any burger you choose at no extra cost. This part of Five Guys can either be a success or a failure. 

((regular two-patty burger, layered with four pieces of crispy, sweet apple-wood smoked bacon extra: pickles, grilled onions, mayonnaise)) 

Five Guys don’t help themselves from the offset with moist and greasy bread. The bread is an imperative part of a burger, its the backbone, its the glue that figuratively and literally holds the burger together. So i suggest getting it perfected. 

Considering everything, the bacon/beef/pickles and onions weren’t all that bad, it’s just hard to justify £11.50 for a burger and a drink and that’s without chips too. Quite simply overpriced. Burger rating: 4 out of 10.


FIVE GUYS – BACON BURGER w/ pickles & grilled onions


– The Trafford Centre, Manchester England 

I had my anticipation when thinking of collecting a burger from Five Guys as it has its negative connotations with it being an ‘another American burger take away’ but even with this resting at the back of my mind I was still intrigued.

Only available for the burger alone, I went for the ‘Little Bacon Burger’ with lettuce and mayonnaise to accompany. Something that was a new experience was picking what toppings you had on the burger, not sure I enjoyed it truthfully. The burger arrived after a quick 2 minutes and I was excited. 

It’s exterior was dreadful, with it looking squashed and not very appetising but I definitely wasn’t fooled. The first bite was the most satisfying, with the thin crispy bacon, beef, mayonnaise and lettuce already giving me reasons to return. The burger was so delicious and it wasn’t even one of their finest or extravagant burgers which excites me. The burger looked about a 3 but held flavours which were a 7.5. Five Guys – pricey but succulent. 

– Figrman