– Rectors Lane Industrial Estate, Rectors Ln, Pentre, Deeside CH5 2DH

The Boardroom Climbing, is a large indoor climbing centre dedicated to providing you with the best utilities, in each form of climbing. The ‘Boardroom‘ is where i usually find myself 2-3 times a week, struggling to climb, socialising and occasionally eating. They have a menu which usually consists of paninis, curry, pizza and cakes but no burgers. For a one off, The Boardroom decided to place on the menu an 8oz Steak Burger, which meant i had to make an immediate trip to feast on the said burger.

BOARDROOM BURGER((8oz steak burger, bacon, fried onions, cheese on a brioche bun))

As a whole the burger did what it stated, just 4 bold ingredients, standing together on a brioche bun, leaving you satisfied that it only cost £5. The steak burger was cooked well-done on a barbecue, which gave it a different taste than your usual burger, but still providing you with that homely feel. What i did find with this burger, is that it felt like a meal my Father would make me when he was let loose with the BBQ. Now that’s not a bad thing at all, its more of a comforting thing.


I’d definitely have this burger again, for £5 how could you not? Burger rating of 5 out of 10.




– Frankopanska 11, Croatia 

Croatia, another new country that I’m able to tick off my list and another new exciting burger. Eating burgers all around the world gives you the sense that they’re one of the few things that we all have in common. 

A very bold branded burger bar stood proud on one of the busy retail streets and with an enticing menu, we sat down anticipating good things. Welcome to Submarine Burger (Formerly; Yellow Submarine)


((Brioche bun, patty, submarine sauce, lettuce and onion)) 

As you can see from the above stated ingredients it’s a very simple burger. With calculated intentions, I chose this as I feel a burger restaurant is only as good as its simplest burger, so I was excited to see what can be done. 

A suspiciously quick turn around time, from ordering and receiving our food meant we were stunned before anything was even eaten. 

The burgers golden exterior was aesthetically pleasing but it’s internal structure did present a few issues. The amount of submarine sauce did overwhelm other important ingredients and made the burger quite slippery. Considering the deliciousness of the submarine sauce this wasn’t such a terrible thing. 

The bread and meat were beautiful, and knowing everything is 100% organic, you feel that little bit better about indulging on such a guilty pleasure. 

Coming to a comprehensive rating of this burger, I considered the service and also the wholesome attributes that submarine burger promote. A solid burger rating of 8 out of 10. 

– figrman 



– The Harley, 334 Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2HW

With a heavy head and wavy eyes, me and four friends dined at The Harley for some proper Sheffield burgers… hangover cure? 

A choice of 6 very solid burgers stood centrefold on the blindingly overwhelming menu making it a onerous decision. With guidance from a devoted attendee to The Harley, I was confidently lead toward the ‘Return of the Mac’ burger. 

(Double bacon patty, Mac n Cheese, Harley House Relish and Pesto) 

I can say with confidence this burger is one of the more obscure burgers I’ve eaten to date, with its wide array of unconventional burger ingredients and the UK’s first bacon meat patty. 

From the first bite to the last the bacon patty made this burger a completely different experience, but still a noteworthy one at that. The pesto was quite delightful, again quite unusual for me as this is a first on a burger but with the mac n cheese and house relish, it blended in and wasn’t too overpowering. 

I feel this burger needs a sister burger where it’s available with a beef patty instead of bacon, as I think this is what will make it one of the finest. But until then, I’ll give this burger a burger rating of 7 out of 10. 



Hickory’s – the XXXL RoadHouse Burger

– Rhos on Sea, North Wales

The most recent outing to Hickory’s Smokehouse will be named the trilogy as it’s the third time I’ll be dining with one of their ‘Authentic American’ burgers. But how authentic are they? 
My methods of choosing which burger to eat were unconventional, simply picking the burger which sounded the most congested with ingredients and the burger chosen did just that. The XXXL Roadhouse Burger –

(Two hickories burger patties with smoke bacon, pulled pork, pickles, Cajun onion ring, lettuce, tomato, house sauce and American cheese)

This burger was extremely vocal on the menu, towering over its competitors with endless flavoursome ingredients. This isn’t the first time I’ve tackled such a tall, strong burger so I have experience with being able to consume it without a disastrous mess. Even with that, this burger fell apart almost instantly.

Trying my hardest to disregard the total shambles that was the construction of this burger, the ingredients were very pleasant. There were a lot of taste experiences, the onion ring wasn’t chewy with a crispy consistency, the 2 burgers were cooked well, and the cheese that lay upon them helped greatly. In my opinion the pulled pork played no part in this burger and should be removed immediately, but overall a decent burger. 
Burger Rating; an 5 out of 10

Hickory’s – the XXXL RoadHouse Burger


– Liverpool One 

Bills can easily be misinterpreted from its name as it’s rings familiar to an American style diner, but don’t be mislead. Bills is a contemporary, relaxed environment that offers dressed up traditional meals. 

‘Bills hamburger’ was 1 of 1 beef burger on the menu which left me very little choice. Unfortunately i felt forced to add an extra counterpart (cheese) to the burger as it sounded quite bland.  

((Toasted bun, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, horseradish mayo & cheddar cheese)) 

The size of the burger was not overwhelming which made for easy eating. Given 80% of the burger was organic vegetables I didn’t feel too much guilt after finishing it. The beef tomato, lettuce, pickles and onions were very fresh and full of juices, giving the burger a range of earthly flavours. The beef burger itself was also very beefy, cooked just right so it fell apart in your mouth, effortless pleasure. 

Next time I visit ‘Bills’ it’ll be for something other than this burger, but I’m glad I experienced it. Burger rating: 4 out of 10.

P.s- the chocolate brownie was daamn good




– 4 Pepper Street, Chester 

Not often do I venture to the city of Chester but considering it’s close to home and from recent experiences, I’ll find myself as a regular visitor very soon. 

Las Iguanas is quite unordinary and mysterious yet just a typical city restaurant chain providing moderately priced, well constructed meals. Given Las Iguanas is a Latin American style restaurant they only father two beef burgers, a chicken burger and a black bean burger, this is not adequate Las Iguanas. 

I confidently went with the ‘Burger’, you heard correctly, it’s called ‘Burger’, it’s ingredients are more interesting, honest. 

(100% prime short rib & chuck beef patty & caramelised onions – Toasted brioche bun smothered in a creamy tomato & gherkin sauce with beef tomato and baby gem) 

The first bite made me feel like all that mattered was the remaining time I had with the burger. Sounds strange, right? but you haven’t had this burger yet. It was devilishly quiet on the menu and I can’t form words to describe it. After the first bite I was extremely happy because I then knew I had at least another 6 left until it was just an empty plate. 

I still can’t describe why the burger was so uniquely special, just one of them isn’t enough time to break down it’s attributes. All I know is Las Iguanas should rename it as ‘Everyone should have this before they die burger‘. 

Burger rating a 9.4 out of 10.




– Rhuddlan, Denbighshire, Wales

I’m not sure what Harvey’s New York Bar and Grill think they’re producing with their array of tasteless meat filled burgers but it’s not good news. 

After this visit, it was my second and last visit to the American style restaurant due to foreseen reasons but I was weakened by the persuasion of my peers, this won’t be happening again. Something which seems to be reoccurring, is my choice of pulled pork on my burgers, and the burger I had chosen at Harvey’s was in fact primarily pulled pork. 

‘Pulled Pork’ – shredded pork, piled high on a toasted roll. Served with Harvey’s BBQ sauce and onion rings. I’ll start with the onion rings, as they seem to be the hardest to write about. Flavoursome, chewy, small enough to devour without fuss and all round delicious, shame I didn’t order more. The bun which encased the meat, was not toasted and looked/felt like 1 of 4 bread buns you can pick up from a supermarket, that’s not what you want, is it? As they explained, the pork was in its masses, way too much for the ‘toasted bun’ which mean’t towards the end of the burger I was using a knife and fork to try and finish it off, not what you want. 

If you are looking to eat an average meal with a Harley Davidson hung above your table. Then by all means, waste your money on Harvey’s New York Bar and Grill. I rate the ‘Pulled Pork’ at 1 out of 10.