– Turner Street, Manchester, England

There’s something great about a restaurant that doesn’t take bookings in a time when you’re desperate for a place to eat. And Solita’s that place.

You can always count on Solita for a good wholesome burger and also for having your back. And this visit could well be a landmark in my burger eating history.

Having come to the very hard decision that eating meat might not be the best decision for your health and more importantly the environment, I’ve suspended my consumption. So vegetarian burgers are now my main focus.

The Hallou Me? Burger was the focus on this occasion;

((Charcoal grilled halloumi, breaded portobello mushroom, charcoal grilled peppers, burger sauce))

This exact burger seems to be a favourite amongst burger restaurants as it’s an easy filler, with no other burger option being available. That being said, it was a very delicious burger. Considering it only having 3 primary ingredients it did pretty well, with all parts being as tasty as the next.

I know I’m going to now consume many halloumi + mushroom burgers, and I’m very pleased this gave me a solid benchmark. The only downside here was the price, with the burger not including anywhere near as many ingredients as the other burgers, it should be cheaper and it wasn’t. Sort that Solita.

A Burger Rating of 6 out of 10.



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