– Manchester, Great Northern Warehouse

Typical weekend centred in Manchester on a rainy, busy Saturday evening and hunting for my next meal, I guess nothing changes. 

It’s a huge treat getting the chance to visit Almost Famous for exclusive burgers & fries, so much so each time I’m tempted to double up on everything. Can you imagine the review? 
Not feeling majoring extravagant I went with one of their more tame burgers, the River Pheonix

(Cheese, Bacon, Shoestring Onions, Frazzles, Red Chilies, Redneck BBQ, Bacon Bacon Mayo, Winning Ketchup)

This burger is majorly sauce based, not forgetting the powerful flavours that the sauces bring, it also transforms the burger into a slippery challenge. 
Putting the underlying structural flaws aside, the flavour of the burger as a whole were phenomenal. The beef patty tender as the next, bacon soft but crispy and onions cooked to crunchy perfection.

This burger is a winner, along with many from Almost Famous’ menu, it just needs to be easier to eat. Burger rating: 7 out of 10.