– The Roe, St Asaph, Denbighshire, North Wales 

High expectations flourished from the pleasant, polite service and the homely surroundings of The Plough – St Asaph, but all of the above was soon to be irrelavant once the food had been served. 

Feeling extremely famished seated next to 4 of my close friends, itching for the highly anticipated food to be served meant all we could talk about was the aforementioned meals – I had ordered ‘THE FARMER’ burger; 8 oz, prime handmade beef burger, topped with bacon and mozzarella cheese, which sounds simple but appetizing, right? 

Now, the aesthetics are outstanding, I’ll give them that but that’s all they’ll get. This burger is missing so many key ingredients they may aswell start again, maybe with the taste. The ‘8oz handmade beef burger’ was way too thick, the burger lacked any sauce making it dry and very hard to swallow, the cheese was tasteless and lack there of it and well, you know where I’m going with this. 

It’s always burger o’clock on my watch, but I have no time for this burger. Unfortunately. Burger rating 1 out of 10. 




– 383-385 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield S11 8PG

My personal conquest to find the most delicious burger is very much ongoing and getting very interesting. While attending the Tramlines festival in Sheffield, myself and 3 of my close friends ventured out to the well renowned Red’s True Barbecue.

After being swiftly seated we didn’t need much time to order as our devilish stomach’s took over. I bravely went for the ‘The Donut Burger’- ‘Two patties, melted cheese, smoked peppered bacon, crispy onions and Dirty sauce. All between two sweet glazed donuts. Served with frickles.’ All but the ‘glazed donuts’ sounded just perfect, but my curiosity definitely got the better of me and before I knew it I was staring down at what was possibly the greatest burger creation I had ever seen. 

Handling this Frankenstein of a burger was extremely treacherous, with 2 hands being in play 100% of the time. There were 1 million and 1 flavours in each singular bite with the help from numerous sauces, the cheese and the donuts which kept you wanting more. The wanting more staggered to a holt as you fell close to the end of the burger, which was a 100% down to the donut bun, sticky, sickly but unbelievably morish. 


This is a definite recommendation for the future, a true innovation for burger creations. A little pricey but this is 2016 don’t forget. Burger rating; a easy 8 out of 10.