54-56 Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5WW

As a beer filled bender enrolled in Manchester with one of my very close friends, we landed in his place of work; Gorilla. 
After many discounted cocktails & beers were washed away by Alex and I, he insisted on trying the Gorilla Cheeseburger, which beforehand was marked as the best burger in Manchester by a Gorilla employee (bias?). The burger arrived with thinly cut chips, an adequately portioned bowl of mayonnaise and a slice of grilled chorizo as an added extra, all laid upon a decorative slab of pine. 

The burger was to share with my Friend so it was evenly sliced in half, which is unusual to me but happily done. The ingredients were; pickles, burger sauce, aged cheddar, bondi lettuce & seasoned fries on the side. As the first bite was taken, a slight hint of pressure was felt as Alex was patiently anticipating my reaction and the first impressions were positive. The burger really didn’t taste like it was missing anything, as many others have done, in a way it was nice to have a well cooked, simple burger that takes you back to basics; again, unlike others. 

It was a thick, juicy, flavoursome piece of prime beef, lacking nothing, joined with an array of pleasing counterparts. If & when you visit Gorilla, order this burger and ask Alex to make you a sweet cocktail. Burger rating: 7 out of 10



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