– Coliseum Way, Chester 

Mexican cuisine – not something I frequently eat but I do enjoy a little variety when dining out. Even if I am still eating a burger.  

My Girlfriend (@letlooseinmanchester) and I had chosen Chiquito, a new experience for me but my girlfriend had eaten here prior to our visit. The decision was primarily down to our shared love of the Mexican favourite, Nachos.


As ever, my eyes drew to the selection of burgers on menu, with a snappy, uncontemplated decision I had chosen the The Mexican Fajita burger. It included – Prime beef burger topped with fajita vegetables, salsa, cooling sour cream, chipotle mayo and guacamole. Sounds enticing, right?

It wasn’t as pleasing as it sounds, the meat was cooked beautifully but, the fajita vegetables were cold, unfortunately, this did let the burger down. It was also a little dry; I had to add mayonnaise that was a condiment on the table, which defeats the object really. The cold fajita vegetables may have been a one time mistake, but what if it wasn’t? 


In a whole, I did enjoy the burger. There was a little too much meat but it was delicious, there was the right amount of spice and the coleslaw was chopped finely with a sweet taste. I give the The Mexican Fajita burger a 6 out of 10. 



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