– Manchester, Great Northern Warehouse

Even on a Sunday Almost Famous finds itself rammed with burger thirsty humans queuing out the door, including myself.

Visiting Almost Famous for the third time was for celebratory reasons which made the experience all that sweet. The burger of choice was the ‘Johnny Mac’, a lot of ingredients and highly recommended by a peer of mine. The Johnny Mac included ‘Applewood & Cheedar Cheese, Streaky Bacon, Trailer Trash onions, Cool Doritos, Million Island sauce, Winning ketchup, Mac & Cheese ball’, sounds extensive doesn’t it?

When the burger arrived, it was topped with the so called ‘Mac & Cheese ball’. Very unnecessary in my opinion but what isn’t in Almost Famous? Unknowingly there were two burger pattys hidden amongst the burger counterparts, which was a lot to handle but again, I am in Almost Famous.

The mix of ingredients were appreciated, especially the cool Doritos.. But there wasn’t enough. There is never enough crisps. Overall, the burger was pretty good. Not the best ‘Almost’ can provide, down to the sheer amount of meat, the heat and the lack of imperative ingredients but not shabby at all.

I wouldn’t choose this burger again but this doesn’t stop me from delving into another of Almost Famous’ creations. The Johnny Mac gets a 6 out of 10.

– Figrman


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