– Manchester, Great Northern Warehouse 

Widely praised for their extravagant and immoderate burgers, the constant queue to dine in their establishment makes the name ‘Almost Famous’ a little contradictory. 

On each visit to Almost Famous, it’s always an extreme idie experience with candy filled table tops and a 20ft PVC gorilla, sitting comfortably in the centre of the restaurant. Almost Famous’s menu makes it near impossible to easily choose your meal, with a large range of burgers, hot dogs and fries. 

The new, prompt table service meant we had ordered and received our food in the space of 20 minutes, impressive. I had chosen the ‘Triple Nom’ which included – Cheese, Pulled Pork, Redneck BBQ & Famous Sauce. Doesn’t sound overly exciting but how that’s misleading. 

Already dripping with sauces and pulled pork falling out of the sides, eating it was quite a mission. The pulled pork gave a little heat to the burger but with the burger also including coleslaw, it wasn’t overwhelming. The bread was delicately soft, a tad greasy but your hands will inevitably gather grease as you tackle the burger. I guess that’s why there is a mandatory roll of handpaper on the table? 

Exactly what was expected, Almost Famous is something that stands alone for good reasons amongst many other burger establishments, the ‘Triple Nom’ gets an 8-10. 



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