– Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, England. 

On this sort of ‘quest’ I’m partaking in to find the most exquisite burger, I’m coming across some very interesting yet questionable burger combinations. 

I had been meaning to visit Byron Burger for some time now, and a free afternoon with no dinner plans made it possible. As it was a beautiful evening in the centre of Manchester, I made the conscious decision to take my food to go. I did have my doubts though as eating a mammoth burger, simply as I walk, can be tricky even with a table and a chair. 

My choice of burger was the highly anticipated, exotic sounding burger named the ‘B-Rex’, it’s contents were ‘6oz hamburger, onion ring, streaky bacon, American cheese, jalapeños, pickles, onion, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise’ all which sounded abit too extreme for one bun. As I opened the rigid take away box to reveal the creation, it did in fact look too extreme for one bun. 

Unfortunately the first few bites weren’t of the whole burger as it was so highly stacked, but this didn’t bother me as the taste was so heavenly. The brains behind the Byron creations really did their research for this burger as every single factor worked brilliantly together. The jalapeños gave the burger a slight kick, the crispy onion ring gave a delicious twist and finally the bacon and cheese gave a sense of simplicity to the burger which was all very worth my time and money. 

The only downfall was when I recieved the burger, it wasn’t very hot. For some people this would be a major problem, but for myself not so much. Forgetting this, the burger was very delightful and I have to return back to Byron Burger to eat many more. I rate the ‘B-Rex’ a 9 out of 10. 

– Figrman


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