– Spinning Fields, Manchester, England 

– Trafford Centre, Manchester, England

Once again, my girlfriend and I found ourselves in The Trafford Centre, hungry with my girlfriend having the intentions to treat me to a meal of her choice.
There wasn’t much discussion on the decision to visit GBK for another round, and before we knew it we were seated and waiting for our burgers. 

I had chosen the ‘The Taxidriver’ which included a few intriguing ingredients, it consisted of American cheese, house onion ring, Cajun relish, smoked chilli mayo, dill pickle, salad and a brioche bun, all which sounded spectacular. My girlfriend on the other hand, ordered her usual being the ‘Cheese’, with very basic contents but perfect for her tastes as she does enjoy a wide range of exotic cheeses.

After a very anticipating wait, keeping a close and inpatient eye on the GBK employees juggling the masses of burger orders, they arrived.  

Aesthetically the burger was pleasing, no unnecessary sauces dripping out, or excessive salad, which gave a different impression to the taste. Once I had taken my first enormous bite, my honest first words were “Wow”, and that pretty much sums up the entire burger.

Everything worked unbelievably well within the burger, it was a first experience having an onion ring on a burger for myself, which made me question my decision but my god how I shouldn’t of. I tasted every ingredient, except for one, the ‘smoked chilli mayo’, I’m not entirely sure if it was forgotten in the burger preparation or it was just a mediocre, un-needed sauce. 

Overall the burger was wondrous, a creation that Gourmet Burger Kitchen should truly be proud of. This won’t be the last time I dine at GBK.

– Figrman


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