– Portable food van (Parklife Festival)

– Heaton Park, Manchester, England (6,7th June 2015)

Parklife’s food side of the festival was as you would expect, having lots of various types of meals, giving you the chance to spend a lot of money on minimal food. What else are you meant to do?

Anyway, tucked away in the corner of the festival grounds, sitting comfortably next to a stage which housed artists like James Bay and Everything Everything, sat a huge colourful burger (with wings) sitting on a steel trailer – Almost Famous.

Now, the sight of this was very exciting for myself as I do enjoy Almost Famous’s masterpieces (their burgers) every so often. Before I knew it, I was in the very long queue to have my order taken, unfortunately I did not need this time awaiting my order to choose which burger I was going to delve in to, as the Almost Famous representatives were only advertising 3 different burgers.

My choice of burger was purely down to the environment I was in and the weather that was creeped across, it being the ‘Famous Burger’. No fancy trimmings or intriguing ingredients, that Almost Famous are ironically ‘famous’ for, just a good, plain, flavoursome burger.

One of the things that I love/hated about this situation was I was stood waiting for 35 minutes, now as you could imagine I was very hungry at this point but I literally watched them create my Almost Famous burger right in front of my eyes. So, quite an amazing 35 minutes.

After attending the weekend long festival with my girlfriend @letlooseinmanchester, I knew that her being as much as a food lover as myself, she would indefinitely want a bite or 3 of this Almost Famous prodigy.

Once we started digesting this burger, the sky’s unfortunately opened. As expected it did not look like it was going to stop anytime soon. So we used our initiative and took shelter in the entrance of the nearest stage, little did we know James Bay was about to preform.

Once I had established a comfortable position, keeping the burger firmly in my grasp and my elbows high. The burger did not stand a chance, it was mind blowing, the ‘famous’ sauce had seeped down past the fried onions, the brioche bun had soaked up all of the juices and it all just sort of melted in your mouth?

Forgetting the rain that was running off the edge of the tent directly down my spine, this was more than a burger for me, it was a memory. Due to the explained circumstances, I was unable to capture a picture but I’m not particularly fussed. The burger was simple yet the flavours were memorable, I now associate Almost Famous with very good memories, and I like that.

– Figrman


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