– 1, New York Street, Manchester, England

I recently had the pleasure of dining at a restaurant called ‘The Alchemist’, yes pleasure, for a special occasion.

We were seated on a large, leather, aged Chesterfield sofa, which was fitting for the modern/old fashioned theme that ‘The Alchemist’ is.

My choice from the menu wasn’t out of character for myself, it being one of the ‘House Burgers’ a ‘100% Prime Aged Beef – served with Salsa’. Far from my girlfriends. Her choice being a ‘Duck, Hoisin and Cucmber’ Wrap, which was very delicious, if I do say so myself.

The burger was, quite disappointing. Not that it was terrible but just because I was expecting more from an extravagant restaurant, I guess I got what it said on the menu, but that was it. Altogether the burger was quite dry, actually very dry but the salsa that accompanied, helped. Maybe that’s why it’s a compulsory side? The bread, basic salad and meat were all good, clean ingredients but nothing special.

Considering the above, my experience altogether at The Alchemist, was extremely pleasant. I’ll definitely be dining there in the near future.. Lovely drinks, service and atmosphere.

– Figrman 


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