– Lijnbaansgracht 271, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

While visiting Amsterdam for a minor stay, my girlfriend and I spotted a bar/restaurant called ‘De Saloon’ across a bridge, adjacent to a lovely canal by the ‘Rijksmuseum and decided to stop for lunch there, and what a brilliant decision that was. 

While taking in the pleasant views, I ordered the ‘Mega XXL Cheeseburger’ and my girlfriend ordered the ‘Pesto & Salad Panini’. And from what I remember it was thoroughly enjoyed. 

Now the most important part, the burger. The masses of basic salad, beautifully cooked beef and layers of grilled cheese, were almost overwhelmed by the bun, all of this was encased in. The bun was alittle too tough for myself, and too large to take a full bite, top to bottom, but you could almost see past this minor issue when you consider every other counterpart. 

I don’t see why this is named as a ‘Mega XXL Burger’ as it wasn’t mega at all; maybe it’s a Dutch thing. Considering the price of the burger itself (€6.50) it’s very good value for money, and very tasty too. 

I definitely recommend having the ‘Mega XXL Cheeseburger’ if you ever get the chance to visit ‘De Saloon’ but only if you can handle fresh hard bread. 



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